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The Skating Club of Morris Assistance Fund


A.        WHAT IS THE FUND?      


This fund was created from the income from the 1982 Eastern United States Figure Skating Championships, which were held at the Mennen Sports Arena, Morris Township, NJ, and hosted by the Skating Club of Morris.


The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to skaters and figure skating officials who meet the requirements set forth below. The fund offers three specific categories of assistance, as follows:

  1. Competition Assistance is available to USFSA competitors who represent The Skating Club of Morris in  Sectional, Junior National, National Championships or Synchronized Skating Teams who represent The Skating Club of Morris at the Synchronized National Championships toward competition expenses.

  2. Testing Assistance is available to USFSA test skaters in freestyle, moves in the field, pairs, and dance, toward expenses required for their training.

  3. Officials’ Assistance is available to USFSA officials (judges, referees, accountants, and others) toward expenses required for their training.





Skaters, teams and officials who qualify may apply to The Skating Club of Morris Assistance Fund Committee by completing the application form as indicated below in section C.


The following are the requirements an applicant must meet in order to apply for assistance:

  1. An applicant must be an amateur in figure skating (see USFSA Rulebook 3035)

  2.  An applicant for Competition or Testing Assistance (Category 1 or 2 above) must be a home club skating member in good standing, of The Skating Club of Morris for a minimum of one year (see USFSA Rulebook, MO 5.03).  A previous skating member may be considered for assistance upon reinstatement from non-skating status, provided a continuous home club membership has been maintained which included at least one year with skating status.

  3.  A member having held a skating membership for a minimum of one year, and who moves into a non-skating status due to relocation for the purpose of training or college, and maintains a home club affiliation with The Skating Club of Morris, may apply. All other above restrictions will apply  

  4. To apply for Testing Assistance (Category 2 above), the skater must have passed the requirements to compete at the Regional level: the skater must be at least a Juvenile freeskater, or have passed all of the Bronze at dance tests.

  5.  An applicant for Officials’ Assistance (Category 3 above) must hold a current basic membership representing The Skating Club of Morris and must have maintained a continuous home club membership, which includes at least one year with status.  Applicant may be a parent of a skating member.


The Assistance Fund Committee cannot consider applications from persons who have not met the requirements stipulated above, or upon termination of membership.



  •  Assistance Fund Committee members or their immediate family are ineligible to receive a grant.

  •  An applicant of Category 3, Officials Assistance, will be judged on an individual basis. The main aspect to be considered   will be the applicant’s overall commitment and intent.

  • Recipients of awards may continue to apply for future grants, however, only one application per season will be accepted.





Applications may be obtained online by clicking the link above , or by contacting Mrs. Linda Hodge (973-584-1198).


The application form must be completed and submitted to the Assistance Fund Committee by the deadline set by the committee.  The deadline is March 15.  [2024 deadline extended to 3/31/24]




The Assistance Fund Committee will convene a meeting and consider applications after the deadline.  Each applicant will be informed of the decision of the Committee.


Grants will be awarded on the basis of need, merit and continuing participation in figure skating. Other factors considered in determining a recipient for an award are attitude on and off the ice, character, sportsmanship, motivation, progress, academic performance, and future plans. Race, color, creed, sex, religion, and ethnic background will not be factors in selecting recipients of grants. The fund will be administered by the Assistance Fund Committee, which is comprised of members of The Skating Club of Morris Board of Directors, as well as a general member. The current members are as follows:


Dr. Dana Brahms

Ms. Moira Colquhoun

Mrs. Linda Hodge

Mrs. Ruth Necco

Ms. Katherine Roekaert


The continuation of the Fund and the amounts of awards under this program depends on the amount of money available.  Contributions to the fund are welcomed and are tax deductible.

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