Test Results

Congratulations to our members who passed the following

USFSA Tests between January 19, 2021 and March 9, 2021

 (* indicates completed level)



Emily Zhao – Senior

Ava Pilkington – Junior

Antonia Galdi – Juvenile

Caterina Gesualdo - Juvenile

Taapti Rana – Juvenile

Alina Zhu – Preliminary

Olga Bogotova – Pre-Preliminary

Chloe Fei – Pre-Preliminary



Moves in the Field

Cammie Hestevold – Junior

Taapti Rana - Novice

Cora Humbert – Intermediate

Anna Staropoli - Juvenile

Allison Hsieh – Pre-Juvenile

Annabelle Hui – Pre-Juvenile

Cadence Ko – Pre-Juvenile

Abigail Wolkow – Pre-Juvenile

Corinne Apor – Pre-Preliminary

Josie Chen – Pre-Preliminary

Jahnavi Fernandes – Pre-Preliminary

Katie Sharon – Pre-Preliminary


Solo Free Dance

Cheri Donnelly - Senior


Solo Pattern Dance

(* indicates completed level)

Isabella Cagiannos  – Gold (Viennese Waltz)*

Chelsea Peng – Gold (Viennese Waltz, Westminster Waltz, Quickstep)*

Olivia Lee – Gold (Viennese Waltz, Westminster Waltz)

Sophia Cavallo – Pre-Gold (Paso Doble, Killian)

Isabelle Gao – Pre-Gold (Killian)

Sophia Appelbaum – Silver (Rocker Foxtrot)

Angeline Baker – Silver (American Waltz)

Sophia Appelbaum – Pre-Silver (European Waltz)*

Chloe Fei – Pre-Silver (European Waltz)

Taapti Rana – Pre-Silver (European Waltz)

Andrew Hickman – Bronze (Willow Waltz, Hickory Hoedown, Ten Fox)*

Katelyn Cheng – Preliminary (Canasta Tango)

Abigail Wolkow – Preliminary (Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues, Canasta Tango)*


Congratulations to all our skaters!